Location: Rüschlikon, ZH

Year: 2020

Size: 250 m2 (Villa)

Project Objectives: Interior Design, Planning, Color, Material, Light Concept Design.

Restyling of a villa on the Zürich lake.

This project consisted of  revamping the character of a magnificent property located directly at the lake of Zürich. The client necessity was to complete realisation within 14 days which makes the project even more special and challenging. Client’s request entailed the restyling of the property by maintaining the beige, warm light colours together with the selection of  furniture and lighting  to modernise the space. The new restyled interiors of Villa Raggio Di Sole fit well with its original charm and the character of classicism. The final design results in harmonising interior with the exterior using mirrors to bring a stunning lake views reflecting inside of the villa.