Location: Pfäffikon

Year: 2020

Size: 600 m2

Project Objectives: Interior Design. Color and Material Concept.

Interior design for an Italian restaurant with a modern touch.

Doppio Gusto is an Italian refined restaurant and pizzeria. The authenticity and sophistication of the cuisine had to be translated into open plan space. The generous area made it possible to cater the client’s wish to have different dining experiences to accommodate a variety of guests. The client aspired an elegant and urban design with an Italian touch. The 600m2 area had to be divided in two different dining areas (elegant and more rustic dining space), private dining room, an open pizza bar in the middle of restaurant and a terrace. The final design is in a harmonious solution of different spaces that work well together, have versatile functions that make the best use of the open space. Martinuzzi Interiors designed a modern space, combining typical elements of an Italian restaurant with luxurious design pieces. The goal was to make the restaurant with different areas of use, making everybody feel welcome.